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Our vision is to involve homes, churches, schools and neighborhoods nationwide by using pastors, principals, and teachers to help identify kids who are smart, hard working, and a have promising pursuit of golf or some other passion.

Many of these young men and women have economical and cultural hindrances that will not allow them to pursue their dreams. This is where Carl’s Kids’ Foundation steps in. We will help these schools, churches, and students get the training needed. We need your Donations and Involvement in Fundraisers along with many Volunteers and Sponsors to continue the success of the Foundation.

Volunteer Opportunities

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We are always looking for caring people to volunteer with Carl’s Kids. We are looking for Pastors, Teachers, Principals, Retirees and Business Owners of all professions to assist in the mentor-ship of Carl's Kids “STAY IN SCHOOL” program.

The STAY IN SCHOOL program focuses on Accountability, Assessment, Mentor-ship, Spiritual Development, and establishing a Vision path.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or need more information, please GET IN TOUCH. Someone will contact you about your great adventure helping kids.

Support Carl's Kids

The human nature of giving is one of the most powerful forces. At Carl's Kids, we harness the efforts of our staff and volunteers to positively impact the lives of those most in need of assistance. We’d love for you to join us in helping to accomplish our Mission!


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Greetings Sponsors!

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Carl Jackson. I have been a part of The Augusta National Master’s Tournament for over 54 years. For the past 39 years I have caddied for 2 time Master’ champion “Ben Crenshaw”. Ben and I have won 2 Master’s together. (1984 and 1995) I am writing to you in regards to my foundation “Carl’s Kids”. I have a great passion to bring the game of golf to under served kids. Kids of all cultures that have the desire to pursue their dreams will benefit. In addition, the foundation provides the tools and accessories that would make it possible for these young men and women to succeed. We focus on building character, integrity, and the development of skills with our kids. Our goals are that they will become good citizens to the game of golf and our society. Due to the national high school dropout rate, we have inserted a “stay in school program” to reduce such from happening among our kids. Ultimately, our vision is to bridge the game of golf culturally, morally, socially, educationally and economically. With this being said, we would like you to partner with Carl’s Kids as a sponsor. We feel that this is our way of giving back to the community where life sometimes has too many challenges to overcome. We hope that you will accept our invitation to come aboard with us to bring a future to our kids. We believe in strengthening our communities one kid at a time. 



Carl Jackson - CEO and Founder

Jimmy Wright - President

The Carl Jackson Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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